International Conference On Recent Advances in Intelligent and Connected Mobility

February 15-16, 2019 / Coimbra, Portugal

Vehicle crashes on the roads and highways are costing inestimable losses of lives and huge damages to properties. Connected vehicles have been identified as a key technology for increasing road safety and transport efficiency. In recent years, technologies enabling the interconnection of vehicles and road infrastructures as well as facilitating the acquisition and sharing of related contextual data are integration technology attractings increasing a great amount of attentions. In addition to, and it can also bringing inestimabletremendous economic value and considerably reducing threats to human lives, and these technologies will are play enabling appropriate constructions and optimized utilization an important role in the next generation of intelligent transportation systems and of transportation systems and their communication networks. Increasing interest on combining these technologies with emerging techniques and artificial intelligence capabilities is expected to play an important role in next the generations of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) and mobility paradigm and services.

The purpose of the International Conference on Recent Advances in Intelligent and Connected Mobility (RAICoM) is to discuss the recent advances in the field of connected vehicles and its related mobility solutions. We cordially invite researchers, experts, and practitioners from the academy and the industry to present, share, and promote their breakthroughs as well as benefit from the expected fruitful exchanges on advances and applications in the field of Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Wireless Sensor Communications, Big Data, and IoT.

In conjunction with the International Conference on Next Generation Logistics.